Engineering Marketing

Website Help

Email a request for website help, e.g. design, edits, or content management.

Marketing Project Requests

Contact Andrew Masuda, Marketing Director, with your questions or project requests.

Marketing Team

Andrew Masuda, Director of Marketing
James Badham, Publications Manager
Claudia Vizena, Webmaster
Brian Long, Senior Artist
Lillian McKinney, Graphic Designer

Our Services

Creative Services

  • Graphic design, layout for newsletters and brochures 
  • Logo design, 3D digital illustration, scientific illustration
  • Signage for marketing and events, promotional merchandise design
  • Full service photography and videography, video production, video editing, 3D animation

Digital Marketing

  • Content strategy, content development, event promotion and coverage
  • Social media advisory, social media campaigns, new social media account set-up
  • Paid promotions on social media, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Email marketing, email newsletters, email promotion of events

Website Projects

  • Website project management, website optimizations, usability, UX and IA planning
  • Website content development and writing, website visual assets
  • Website design and development

PR & Communications

  • News and copy writing, press releases, media relations, media event coordination
  • Research communications, research article writing and editing, research publications

Graphics, and Templates



  • UCSB Web Standards - university website design standards, markup and styling, accessibility recommendations, and more
  • UCSB Graphic Identity - university logo files, color, typography (font), photography, official web utility bar, and other resources