Champions focus on success. They keep their eye on the prize, and put in the time and the work to achieve. They listen well and watch carefully. They have a big vision of what can be. When they become successful, some move on to champion what matters to them. These Champions of Engineering have done that, bringing the same drive and vision, layered with generosity, to supporting research and teaching that makes a difference in the world. They are the champions of our world.

Champion Stories

Steve Cooper

Since graduating from the UCSB College of Engineering with a degree in electrical engineering, Steve Cooper has thrived in the corporate world. He is now a key CoE supporter, dedicated to elevating the students, the research, and the culture of his alma mater.


Steve Ramirez
Lead Director of Development
Engineering, Dean’s Office
Phone: 805-893-4579
Cell: 805-729-2463

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