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Jessica Santana, an associate professor of technology management at UC Santa Barbara

Jessica Santana, technology management assistant professor 

Technology Management's Jessica Santana Awarded Prestigious Hellman Fellowship

Funding supports data repository for the computational study of entrepreneurship

Associate professor Alban Sauret (left) and first-year PhD student Ram Sharma with the experimental setup to test crater resulting from the dynamics of result  cohesion, turbulence, erosion, and transport

Associate professor Alban Sauret (left) and first-year PhD student Ram Sharma with the experimental setup to test crater resulting from the dynamics of result  cohesion, turbulence, erosion, and transport.

When Particles Move

Alban Sauret's lab group seeks to quantify the relationship between cohesion and erosion.

A chart depicting the discovery of important materials, the time from discovery to recognition of its importance, and associated Nobel prizes.

The start of the gradient line indicates the first chemical synthesis of the relevant material. The light bulb indicates the recognition of its importance. Laurels correspondence to the Nobel (top two are UCSB).

The Next Breakthrough Material is Being Created Now...

Professors emeritus Anthony K. Cheetham and Fred Wudl, with Ram Seshadri, explain why, however, its impact might not be seen for a decade or more.

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