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Kerem Çamsari (left) and Shaila Niazi

P-bit pros: Kerem Çamsari (left) and third-year PhD student Shaila Niazi, who used p-bits to create images that were not part of a machine-learning training data set.

A Probabilistic Certainty

Kerem Çamsari's lab has proven the value of an old algorithm in training deep-learning models for AI.

Image of Shuji Nakamura holding a blue laser

Shuji Nakamura with a laser his blue LED made possible.

Shuji Nakamura to Be Inducted into Engineering and Science Hall of Fame

He is honored again for his world-changing invention of the blue LED.

Concept illustration depicting a quantum defect emitting a single photon. Image by Mark Turiansky

Bright Prospects for Engineering Quantum Light

When — and why — does a photon emitter not emit? Research at UC Santa Barbara illuminates the issue.

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