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(Clockwise from top left) Umesh Mishra, James Buckwalter, Igor Mezić, and Timothy Sherwood

Extraordinary Accomplishments

The world's largest professional organization recognizes engineering faculty for pioneering research that impacted society. 

A still image from the video, showing (from left) one steel rod (top) pulling away from the oiher, causing the liquid to stretch and form filaments, which eventually break into droplets.

A still image from the video, showing (from left) one steel rod (top) pulling away from the other, causing the liquid to stretch and form filaments, which eventually break into droplets.

American Physical Society Awards Top Prize to UCSB-Produced Video

The work captures the fluid dance of liquids as they stretch, break, and atomize.

Spencer Smith next to the new instrument, the Diesel2p.

Spencer Smith in the lab with the groundbreaking Diesel2p.

A New Microscope for Imaging Neural Circuitry

The new device from Spencer LaVere Smith's laboratory has unprecedented capability for observing neural activity.

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