Industry Partnerships

UCSB Corporate Programs is an office dedicated to accelerating innovation and helping to shape future engineering and scientific leaders for industry. Their office serves as a gateway to industry by connecting corporate partners with UCSB talent and resources. 

Visit industry.ucsb.edu for complete information about services and how to contact the Corporate Programs office.

Corporate Programs Services


Corporate Programs works with industry to augment our partners' technology roadmap. They will start with a due diligence phase to understand technology gaps and how they map into the research expertise available at UCSB. Once key researchers are identified, Corporate Programs will bring technology experts together to discuss collaboration.


Companies can work with Corporate Programs to plan their annual recruitment strategy and gain better access to top graduates. Corporate Programs connects industry partners with students, student organizations, and helps partners build a presence on campus. 

Corporate Visibility

Companies interested in standing out, accessing campus leadership, showcasing research, and maximizing student recruitment can join the UCSB Corporate Affiliates Program. 

Success Stories

Visit industry.ucsb.edu to view profiles of these industry partners and more.