Information on Research Ramp-Up

Inside a research lab in the BioEngineering Building.

An inside look at a research lab in the BioEngineering Building. 

UC Santa Barbara continues to monitor the global COVID-19 outbreak and continues to provide guidance and ongoing updates. The Office of Research, in consultation with academic deans and chairs, has developed a detailed, staged plan for a methodical and cautious ramp-up of on-campus research. The goal of the plan, which includes guidelines for risk mitigation such as physical distancing, cleaning protocols, building monitoring, and health screening, is ultimately to get all on-campus research projects underway again at effective levels, while still reducing the number of people working on campus during the pandemic. Each lab and building committee has worked collaboratively to develop a plan with mitigation protocols that are being reviewed and approved by departments, deans, and the Office of Research.

On June 15, a number of approved research projects returned to campus laboratories in accordance with the Stage 3 plan and then increased occupancy under Phase 4A in October. Buildings and projects will be added one by one. The Stage 4 plan specifies a maximum of 25 percent occupancy of any building and spacing must be at least 250 square feet per person in order to minimize chances of infection spread.  To accomplish this, the College of Engineering Cluster of Buildings has established detailed protocols for each building and laboratory. In order to access any building, an individual must be on the approved researchers list and included in a detailed schedule.  Any questions can be directed to the Cluster of COE buildings (meets weekly):  COEbuildingrestart@engineering.ucsb.edu.

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Building Access Plans (Click on building to see specific plan)


Enforcement Policy Document  (updated July 15, 2020)
CoE Building Protocols for COVID-Affected Personnel (uploaded July 31, 2020)
Recommended Training Protocol (Note: Lab-specific training standard operation procedures need to be sent to the cognizant building committee)
Off-site Research Committee Planning Template (COVID-19 Field Safety Plan, uploaded October 27, 2020)

Contact Information for Building Committees


Requests for on-campus undergraduate researchers no longer require Dean or campus approval. In lieu of the former approval process, this form must be completed by the PI/supervisor prior to the undergraduate beginning on-campus research. Upon successful submission of this form, no further approval from the Office of Research is required. 

UG researchers should follow current COVID safety guidance for researchers on campus.


Submit a form here or email coebuildingrestart@engineering.ucsb.edu 

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