Photonics graduate researcher Victoria Rosborough interviewed by Huffington Post

Friday, September 2, 2016

Graduate student Victoria Rosborough was interviewed by Huffington Post blogger Diane Propsner as a part of her series on "amazing women's college STEM alumnae." Rosborough, a PhD researcher in the lab of ECE Associate Professor Jonathan Klamkin, talks about her experience as an engineer who started college early in an academically accelerated program - from getting involved in undergraduate research to what it's like to be a photonics engineer today.

HuffPo: How did you become interested in integrated photonics?

Rosborough: After graduating [from Mary Baldwin College], I found a master’s program in semiconductor devices at the University of Oregon. As a part of this degree, I completed a year-long internship at IBM, where I had the opportunity to interact with Ph.D.’s in several areas of IC production expertise. When I applied to Ph.D. programs that year, I sent applications to electrical engineering and materials science departments. It was during this application process that I learned about integrated photonics. Photonics excites me because it’s on the cutting edge of research while combining physics and technology. Along the way, although I wasn’t always quite sure where I’d end up, I kept pursuing the types of opportunities that excited me until I found my niche.

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