Interview: Professor Begley reflects on 25 years at UCSB Engineering

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

UCSB Engineering interviewed Materials and Mechanical Engineering Professor Matthew Begley about his experience as a member of the faculty - and as an alumnus.

Begley came to UCSB as a PhD student in 1993 under the mentorship of Professor Bob McMeeking (pictured below, left to right: McMeeking and Begley). "My history with UCSB goes back - oh, wow - twenty four years," he said.

Bob McMeeking and Matt Begley

About the changes since the early 90s, he reflected, "The physical transformation of campus has been absolutely dramatic."

On academic collaboration, Begley said there was a "buzz of excitement" about campus when he was a student. "It's been remarkable how much UCSB has kept that tradition alive - it's really culturally embedded in UCSB."

Thanks, Professor Begley!

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