From the archives: Where were you before the internet?

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

From the Archives

In 1966 when the College of Engineering at UC Santa Barbara was officially established, computing technology was on the cusp of what would become the Internet. Under the direction of Electrical Engineering Professor Glen Culler, our college was chosen as one of the first four nodes of the original ARPANET in 1969, along with UCLA, Stanford, and University of Utah. Professor Culler left behind a legacy of computer science innovation at UCSB, and his contributions to the field changed the world as we know it.

Culler served as the director of the UCSB Computer Center in the 1960s, and later the Computer Research Laboratory, and was one of the first to advocate use of computers in the classroom. He was awarded the National Medal of Technology in 2000 for pioneering innovations in computing, including digital speech processing, invention of the first online system for interactive graphical mathematics computing, and, of course, ARPANET.

+ Glen J. Culler on wikipedia