Study Abroad

University of California Education Abroad Program

The College of Engineering encourages its students to study abroad through the UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP or EAP). In our globalized world, engineering programs are becoming increasingly international, and in the course of their careers, many engineers will find themselves working abroad or collaborating with engineers from around the world. Many engineering firms are multinational in character, and engineers with cross-cultural skills will be increasingly in demand in the workforce. EAP provides an opportunity for getting a jump on your career. Some students spend just a summer abroad while many others go for the entire year.

Planning Timeline and Process

EAP options for all students in the College of Engineering:

Summers after FR, SO and JR years – available to all Engineering & CS majors. Students choose summer programs generally to:

  1. Complete GE courses
  2. Foreign Language and Culture Immersion
  3. Engage in research abroad (generally after SO or JR year)
  4. Complete an international internship (generally after SO or JR year)
  5. Complete major requirements (limited summer opportunities for this)

Junior curriculum year:

  • Fall Term – Chem E, ME and CS majors can study major abroad in Fall quarter
  • Spring Term only (gone both Winter and Spring quarters) – best for CS
  • Spring Term only (a few options in Asia to be gone April to August) – best for CS
  • Year-long programs to study major abroad during fall, winter and spring quarters, consult COE advisor

Senior curriculum year:

Fall Term – only CS majors not completing a Capstone Project can go abroad senior year.  Chem E, CE, EE and ME majors have mandatory Capstones or Senior Design projects that span part or all of the senior year.

Students who are interested in studying abroad should come as early as possible to schedule an advising appointment. First-year students should speak with a College advisor as early as the spring quarter of their freshman year to discuss designing study abroad options for the third year.  Book an appointment at https://shoreline.ucsb.edu/meetings/1336990/coefrances or by calling 805-893-2089.

EAP Academic Planning Process:

  1. Go to the EAP Office in 2431 South Hall to learn more about program options:  summer only, academic semester or year abroad opportunities.
  1. Schedule an appointment with a College of Engineering advisor (Frances Fouch) to determine if you should complete GE requirements while abroad and discuss your plans & program considerations.  Schedule an appointment by calling 805-893-2809 or booking online at: https://shoreline.ucsb.edu/meetings/1336990/coefrances.
  1. Once you have selected your program and term to go abroad, meet with your major advisor to determine which major courses you must complete while abroad.
  1. Use the COE EAP Course Assessment spreadsheet template (below) to match EAP courses as possible substitutions for your UCSB major & GE requirements and to identify courses to supplement your UC education while abroad at your desired EAP university.
  1. Email COE EAP Course Assessment with major courses to your major dept advisor for faculty review.  Please note, faculty approval may take several weeks, so this process should be completed well in advance of EAP application deadlines.
  1. After course assessment had been reviewed by faculty, fill out Academic Planning form with major courses that have been approved, as well as GE/elective and arrange to have signed by major department.
  1. Bring Academic Planning form to College for final GE review (bring course descriptions/syllabi) and signature by college advisor.

Depending on the student’s interests, goals, and progress in the major, students will be advised about year-long, quarter-long, and summer session opportunities for coursework, research, and internships.  Students MUST meet with the engineering EAP advisor on selection of coursework to be completed abroad and obtain pre-approval of courses to ensure courses taken abroad will be applied toward degree requirements.

Please note, students must apply to study abroad via the EAP Office and must meet all deadlines and requirements. More information at eap.ucsb.edu.

Students need to work with their College and Major advisors after returning from EAP to complete petitions to apply EAP coursework toward major and general education requirements.   

I've gone abroad, now what?

Your grades will take several weeks, even months to be converted to UCSB credit.  You'll see them first in your EAP portal but cannot petition to apply them to requirements until you see the courses and grades in GOLD.

To apply courses to your major requirements: contact your major advisor

To apply courses to GE:  use the following petition to make your request and submit via email to francesf@ucsb.edu: https://engineering.ucsb.edu/sites/engineering.ucsb.edu/files/docs/gradmatters.pdf


To find out more about EAP for engineering students, go to the EAP website or email your questions to: francesf@engineering.ucsb.edu.


Please use the following assessment template when submitting courses to your major department for faculty review.  We suggest you consult the sample for proper formatting.

EAP Course Assessment Template (xlsx)

Sample EAP Course Assessment (PDF)