Study Abroad

You want to study abroad; we want to help you get there!

The College of Engineering encourages its students to study abroad through the UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP or EAP). In our globalized world, engineering programs are becoming increasingly international, and in the course of their careers, many engineers will find themselves working abroad or collaborating with engineers from around the world. Many engineering firms are multinational in character, and engineers with cross-cultural skills will be increasingly in demand in the workforce. EAP provides an opportunity for getting a jump on your career. Some students spend just a summer abroad while many others go for the entire year.

General Tips

Start here for a quick video overview of the process: https://youtu.be/uCq9VgSCL9Q 

We strongly recommend you consider this question, as the answer will impact how you search for programs:
What is most important to you about the study abroad experience?

  • Going to a particular country
  • Going during a specific term (fall, year, summer)
  • Taking courses in your major
  • Learning/improving language skills

Based on your priorities, this may lead you to a particular destination or term abroad.

Important Notes

  • Majors with required capstone cannot go abroad in their senior year.
  • Students MUST meet with the engineering EAP advisor on selection of coursework to be completed abroad and obtain pre-approval of courses to ensure courses taken abroad will be applied toward degree requirements.
  • Not all countries offer engineering curriculum that matches the COE curriculum in the same order that we teach.
  • Most Computer Science and Engineering courses in Brazil, Chile, France, Germany, & Japan are not taught in English.
  • Summer programs generally offer GE, language acquisition courses, research, or internship opportunities. Very few COE courses offered in summer.


Students who are interested in studying abroad should schedule an advising appointment as soon as possible.  In general, the process starts a year prior to your intended departure.

  • October:  schedule an appointment with COE Study Abroad Advisor Frances.
  • November:  prepare courses for UCSB faculty review. All major courses must be reviewed prior to departure.
  • December break:  work on your EAP application, noting all EAP application deadlines.
  • January:  most application deadlines. Check UCSB EAP page for deadlines.

Spring programs will have later application deadlines but students are advised to start researching options in October.

Major specific Information

Destinations listed are destinations frequently chosen by UCSB Engineers. Other countries very likely may be possible!  Meet with the COE study abroad advisor to discuss. We're always looking to discover new options.

Chemical Engineering

Quarter usually abroad:  fall of 3rd year
Common destinations for junior curriculum in English:

  • Sydney, Australia
  • Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Imperial College, London UK (year only)

Computer Engineering

Quarter usually abroad:  fall of 3rd year
Common destinations for junior curriculum in English:

  • Madrid, Spain (Carlos III)
  • Lund, Sweden

Computer Science

Quarter usually abroad:  fall of 3rd year Note: CS 130A and CS 170 must be taken at UCSB
Common destinations for junior curriculum in English:

  • Hong Kong
  • Lund, Sweden
  • Kings College, London
  • University College, Dublin
  • University of Sussex
  • Madrid, Spain (Carlos III)
  • National University of Singapore

Electrical Engineering

Quarter usually abroad: summer after 3rd year, limited options fall of 3rd year
Common destinations for junior curriculum in English:

  • Summer research programs in Japan or Taiwan
  • Yonsei, Korea

Mechanical Engineering

Quarter usually abroad:  fall of 3rd year
Common destinations for junior curriculum in English:

  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Hong Kong
  • Bologna, Italy
  • Auckland, New Zealand
  • Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Cape Town, South Africa


UCSB EAP: for application due dates and procedures, financial aid & scholarship info, and general study abroad advising.
Hear from previous UCSB Engineers who have studied abroad
UC EAP website:  for program searches and options.
List of the United Kingdom campuses that offer Engineering disciplines
Gaucho Credit Abroad: how previous UCSB students have applied credit.
UC EAP course finder: what previous UC students (not just UCSB) have taken.
To book an appointment with the COE study abroad advisor Frances:  https://shoreline.ucsb.edu/meetings/1336990/coefrances
EAP Course Assessment Template (xlsx): Used to propose courses for substitutes in the major, to be filled out after meeting with the COE study abroad advisor.
Sample EAP Course Assessment (PDF):  Please review prior to filling out & submitting your own course assessement for review.
Need some help navigating how to look for courses abroad? Check out this quick overview video.


To find out more about EAP for engineering students, go to the EAP website or email your questions to: francesf@ucsb.edu.

I've gone abroad, now what?

Your grades will take several weeks, even months to be converted to UCSB credit.  You'll see them first in your EAP portal but cannot petition to apply them to requirements until you see the courses and grades in GOLD.

To apply courses to your major requirements: contact your major advisor

To apply courses to GE:  use the following form to make your request and submit via email to francesf@ucsb.edu: https://engineering.ucsb.edu/sites/engineering.ucsb.edu/files/docs/gradmatters.pdf