Misha Sra

Misha Sra

Assistant Professor
Computer Science

Computer Science


University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-5080


Best Paper Award, ACM CHI; SIlver Edison Award; Best Paper AWard, ACM VRST


Structural Materials and Solid Mechanics, Systems Biology, Robotics, Visual Computing and Interaction

Sra's research asks the question, what if the whole body were an interace? The goal of her work is to create systems that use the entire body for input and output and automatically adapt to each user's unique state and context. She calls is perceptual engineering - a way to alter the user's perception, or more specifically the input signals to their perception, and manipulate it in subtle ways. Her research explores the use of cognitive illusions to manage a user's attention, breathing for direct interaction, machine learning for automated virtual-world generation, embodiment for remote collaboration, and galvanic vestibular stimulation for reducing nausea and in immersive experiences. 


PhD  MIT Media Lab
MS    MIT Media Lab
MS    University of Texas, Austin