Megan Valentine

Megan Valentine

Megan Valentine

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering


(805) 893-2594
Engineering II, Room 2361C

University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106

Fellow of: 

American Physical Society, American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering


Early CAREER Award, National Science Foundation; Fulbright Scholar Award; NAE Frontiers of Engineering Symposium; UCSB Faculty Career Development Award; Elected Fellow, American Physical Society; Elected Fellow, American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering


Solid Mechanics, Materials & Structures, Bioengineering, Systems Biology, Thermal Sciences & Fluid Mechanics, Micro & Nano Technology

Professor Valentine directs an interdisciplinary research group focused on understanding and enhancing the mechanical performance of biological and bioinspired materials. Her experimental laboratory focuses on understanding how forces are generated and transmitted in living materials, how these forces control cellular outcomes, and how the features of living systems can be captured in manmade materials. This highly interdisciplinary work lies at the intersection of engineering, physics, chemistry and biology. Using a wide variety of experimental techniques, she investigates the biophysical and biochemical origins of natural material mechanics, and translates this knowledge to create new classes of man-made materials that capture the extraordinary properties of living systems, including the ability to respond to stimuli, move, reconfigure and heal.


California NanoSystems Institute, Materials Research Laboratory, BioPACIFIC, Neuroscience Research Institute, Center for Stem Cell Biology and Engineering, Center for BioEngineering


PhD Physics, Harvard University
MS Physics, University of Pennsylvania
BS Physics, Lehigh University