Jianwen Su

Jianwen Su

Computer Science

Computer Science


(805) 893-3698
2161 Harold Frank Hall

University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106


IBM Faculty Award, UCSB Engineering Outstanding Faculty Award


Programming Languages and Software Engineering, Database and Information Systems
Su’s primary research interests are in data modeling and access languages, data management, web services, formal verification, modeling of processes with data, and management of business processes. He has studied/is studying data manipulation languages for relational databases, complex objects or nested relations, and object-oriented databases; incremental query evaluation and view maintenance; database models for spatial and scientific databases; complexity and expressive power of constraint query languages; automata-based verification techniques for software systems; web service modeling, composition, and verification; choreography for collaborative processes; formal models for business processes based on business artifacts; workflow system applications in government agencies, in healthcare, and in businesses. His current focus is on data modeling and management for workflow, data-centric workflow modeling, web services, BPM.

California Center for Service Science


PhD Computer Science, University of Southern California
MS Computer Science, Fudan University