Daniel Oropeza

Daniel Oropeza, assistant professor of materials

Daniel Oropeza

Assistant Professor



2506 Engineering II

University of California, Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, CA 93106-5080


Structural Materials

Oropeza’s research explores new materials and manufacturing technologies, while mapping correlations between process parameters, material microstructure, and component properties. His research will couple fundamentals from material science and mechanical engineering, spanning the study of material synthesis and characterization, machine and equipment design, and manufacturing process fundamentals, to develop next-generation alloys and ceramic materials. Initial research activities will aim to synthesize, process, and characterize novel high-temperature alloys, magnetic materials, and functional ceramics. These research efforts have application and impact in the areas of hypersonics, sustainable aviation, space exploration, healthcare, and energy generation.


PhD  Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MS    Aeronautics and Astronautics, Stanford University
BS     Aerospace Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin