Christopher Kruegel

Christopher Kruegel

Computer Science

Computer Science


2117 Harold Frank Hall

University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106


Security and Cryptography, Social Network Modeling, Data Security

The main focus of his research is systems security. He seeks to create solutions that solve important security issues affecting a large number of users. The goal is to build security systems, deploy them in real-world environments, and perform experiments to characterize and explain their behavior. He believes that creating working systems that address real-world problems not only provides a great incentive for my research, but also allows for the necessary sanity checks of the results. As part of his research, he has contributed to systems that analyze programs to determine whether they are malicious or not (both for x86 binaries and mobile phone application). He also worked on systems that scan the code of web applications to find vulnerabilities. Finally, he has worked on novel ways to break privacy on social networks as well as on ways to improve them such that those attacks no longer work.


iSecLab https://iseclab.org/


PhD Computer Science, Technical University Vienna, Austria
MS Computer Science, Technical University Vienna, Austria