Bassam Bamieh

Bassam Bamieh

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering


(805) 893-4490
2333 Engineering II

University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106

Fellow of: 

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, International Federation of Automatic Control


IEEE Control Systems Society Distinguished Lecturer; NSF Early Career Award


Dynamic Systems and Control, Thermal Sciences & Fluid Mechanics, Micro & Nano Technology, Operating Systems and Distributed Systems

Professor Bamieh's research interests are in the general area of Control and Dynamical Systems, as well as the applications of systems and feedback techniques in several physical and engineering systems. Aside from basic research on the theory of Robust and Optimal Control, his group carries out several research activities including the theory of quantum control, distributed control and dynamical systems, shear flow transition and turbulence, and the use of feedback in thermoacoustic energy conversion devices.