50th Anniversary Time Capsule

Presents for the Future

As part or our  50th Anniversary celebration, the UCSB College of Engineering created a Time Capsule filled with artifacts from five decades of history, innovation, and forward-thinking, The Time Capsule inventory is a small but representative sample of the many technological advances achieved by our faculty, students, and researchers since the CoE was established in 1966 — as well as few popular items, like T-shirts. When it is opened for the 75th Anniversary, during the 2041-42 academic year, we'll look back to see how the significance of each item has stood up to the test of time and/or the evolution of technology. The CoE offers special thanks to everyone who suggested or contributed items for the Time Capsule, which was designed and created by our very own Andy Weinberg in the COE Machine shop.

See some of the contents in this short video, along with a message from Dean Rod Alferness.  

Items in the Time Capsule:

  • 1982 Arpanet Directory from Dick Kemmerer
  • 2013 Merlot from Wild Rose Vineyards donated by UCSB engineering alumni Carlos Figueroa (ChemE '76) and his wife
  • 3-D printed Isomax metamaterial developed by UCSB researcher Jonathan Berger
  • 50th Anniversary Issue of Convergence Magazine
  • Acrylic sample holder for a prototype atomic force microscope developed by Virgil Eilings
  • Air motor project created by Roger Green for Intro to Machine Shop
  • Aluminum electronics component chassis for Raytheon from John Davis
  • Bowers Group electronic and photonic samples
  • Coldren Group Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers
  • Commemorative 50th Anniversary graduation stole
  • Computer Science newsletter
  • Cycles of Invention and Discovery by Former COE Dean Venkatesh Narayanamurti
  • Helgeson Group Nanoemulsion stability experiment (with instructions to be completed in 25 years)
  • Letters hypothesizing the future of technology written by high school students
  • Los Ingenieros t-shirt and information
  • MESA t-shirt
  • Pigtail Materials Nucleation Growth Stand from the Begley Lab
  • Process Dynamics and Control signed by authors Duncan Mellichamp and Dale Seborg
  • SLEEC's 2nd generation LED bulb
  • Team Shellphish t-shirt, signed by all members
  • Technology Management Program memoralbilia
  • UCSB Banner that Astronaut LeRoy Chiao brought with him on his first mission to space
  • UCSB College of Engineering logo globe
  • UCSB Hyperloop Prototype
  • μHammer from Foster, Valentine, and Doyle research
  • University of California lab coat
  • USB containing facts and images about UCSB College of Engineering from the last 20 years
  • Vintage 1980s 16/32 bit computer chip 
  • Vintage silver negatives and prints of Al-Al2O3 MMC's from Mehrabian Lab
  • Wine glass commemorating Shuji Nakamura's Nobel Laureate

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