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December 1, 2003

UCSB Engineering Faculty among Most Cited

December 1, 2003

Six of the 116 most highly cited authors in the field of Engineering are faculty members at UCSB: John Bowers, ECE professor and director of the Multidisciplinary Optical Switching Technology Center (MOST); Larry Coldren, professor of electrical and computer engineering and of materials and director of the Optoelectronics Technology Center (OTC); Anthony Evans, professor of mechanical and environmental engineering and of materials; Arthur Gossard, materials professor; Petar Kokotovic, ECE professor and founding director of the Center for Control Engineering and Computation (CCEC); and L. Gary Leal, professor of chemical engineering and of materials. The Engineering list was compiled by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI).

That organization allocates both computer science and materials science researchers to separate categories though the Computer Science Department and the Materials Department at UCSB are two of the five departments in the College of Engineering (COE).

Oscar Ibarra, professor of computer science, is among the 230 most highly cited authors in the field of computer science.

Six faculty members in the College of Engineering are among the 230 most high cited authors in the field of materials science: David Clarke, professor of materials and of mechanical and environmental engineering and COE associate dean for academic personnel; Evans, who as noted above also appears on the Engineering list; Fred Lange, materials professor and department chair; Robert McMeeking, professor of mechanical and environmental engineering and of materials; Pierre Petroff, professor of materials and of electrical and computer engineering; and Galen Stucky, professor of chemistry and biochemistry and of materials.

In addition, Evans, Gossard, and Petroff also number among the 107 most highly cited authors in physics, as does their Materials Department colleague Alan Heeger, whose primary faculty appointment is in physics.

According to ISI, "Citation is a key measure of influence in science and technology, because it is a highly informed interaction. When one researcher refers to the work of another, they are, in essence, acknowledging the influence that work has had on their own. There is no better set of experts regarding ground-breaking work than the community of researchers in a field, and ISI's database contains millions of citation relationships, each one derived from one author's reference to another. Accumulated across many years and millions of articles, this information becomes a statistically powerful resource for finding individual authors who have formed or changed the course of research in a subject."

In 2002-03 COE tenured-track faculty numbered 124. Ten percent of that faculty is among the most highly cited researchers in their fields.

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