1.   Fire Research

Recent papers:

“A Practical Model on Flame Spreading over Materials” with C. W. Leung and W. K. Chow (Proceeding of the 6th ASME-JSME Thermophysics Conference, March 16-23, 2003)

“The Effect of Thermal Radiation on the Dynamics of Flashover in a Compartment Fire” with S. Han, W. K. Chow, JSME International Journal, Series B, Vol. 46, No. 4, pp. 528-538, 2003.


“The Role of Thermal Radiation on the Initiation of Flashover in a Compartment Fire” with W. K. Chow ( International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol 47/19-20, pp. 4265-4276, July 2004)


“A Monte Carlo Approach for the Design of Thermal Fire Detection System” with W. K. Chow Fire Technology, Vol. 4, No. 2, pp. 93-104, April 2005.

“A New Method for Selecting the Design Fire for Safety Provision” with W. K. Chow, Fire Science and Technology, Vol. 24, No. 3, 2005.


2. Radiation Heat Transfer

Recent papers:

“Combined Conductive/Radiative Heat Transfer in High Porosity Fibrous Insulation Materials:  Theory and Experiment” with E. Takara and G. R. Cunnington (to be presented at the 6th ASME-JSME Thermophysics Conference, March 16-23, 2003.

" The Multiple Absorption Coefficient Zonal Method (MACZM), An Efficient Computational Approach for the Analysis of Radiative Heat Transfer in Multi-Dimensional Inhomogeneous Non-gray Media”, Numerical Heat Transfer, Part B, Fundamental, Vol. 49, No. 2, pp. 89-103, Feb. 2006.

“Radiative Heat Transfer Analysis of Fibrous Insulation Materials Using the Zonal-GEF Method”, with G. R. Cunnington, AIAA Journal of Thermophysics and Heat Transfer, Vol. 21, No. 1, Jan-Mar 2007, pp. 105-113.

“Definition and Evaluation of Mean Beam Lengths for Applications in Multi-Dimensional Radiative Heat Transfer, a Mathematically Self-Consistent Approach”, ASME Journal of Heat Transfer, Vol. 130, No. 11, pp. 114507, Nov. 2008.

“RAD-NNET, a Neural Network Based Correlation Developed for a Realistic Simulation of the Non-Gray Radiative Heat Transfer Effect in Three-Dimensional Gas-Particle Mixtures”, the International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol. 52, pp. 3159-3168, June, 2009.

3. Electronic Cooling

Lockheed Report 07

“Design and Testing of a Carbon Foam Based Supercooler for High Heat Flux Cooling in Optoelectronic Packages”, the ASME 2009 InterPACK Conference, July 19-23, 2009, Paper No. 89008, San Francisco, California, USA.


Selected Publications

  1. "Determination of Optical Properties by Two-Dimensional Scattering" with A. Ma, I. C. Hsu and G. R. Cunnington, Jr.           AIAA J. Thermophysics & Heat Transfer, Vol. 6, No. 1, pp. 182-183, 1992.
  2. "Evaluation of Total Emittance of an Isothermal Nongray Absorbing, Scattering    Gas-Particle Mixture Based on the Concept of Absorption Mean Beam Length" with A. Ma, ASME J. Heat Transfer, Vol. 114, pp. 653-658, 1992.
  3. "Turbulence/Radiation Interaction in a Non-Gray, Absorbing, Emitting and Isotropically Scattering Medium" with A. K. Ma and E. E. Takara, Heat Transfer in Fire & Combustion Systems, HTD-Vol. 199, pp. 53-62, 1992.
  4. "Evaluation of Radiative Heat Transfer Using the Generalized Zonal Method and the Absorption Mean Beam Length Concept" with A.K. Ma and E. E. Takara, Developments in Radiative Heat Transfer, HTD-Vol. 203, pp. 265-274, 1992.
  5. "Evaluation of Radiative Properties of Fibrous Composite Materials" with E. E. Takara and S. C. Lee, AIAA Paper 92-2893, 1992.
  6. "Radiative Properties and Ablation/Melting Behavior of PTFE Teflon: Experiment and Analysis," with E. E. Takara and G. R. Cunnington,, Proceeding of the 3rd World Conference on Experimental Heat Transfer, Vol. 2, M. Kelleher, et al., Editors, Honolulu, pp. 1784-1791, 1993.
  7. "The Absorption Mean Beam Length, An Effective Length Scale for the Analysis of Heat and Mass Radiative Heat Transfer in Absorbing, Emitting and Scattering Media" The Symposium on Thermal Science and Engineering in Honor of Chancellor C. L. Tien, pp. 201-208, 1995.
  8. "The Zonal Method - A Practical Solution Method for Radiative Heat Transfer in Non-Heat Transfer Uniform, Non-Isothermal Absorbing, Emitting and Scattering Media," with E. E. Takara, Annual Review of Heat Transfer, Vol. 8, pp. 153-215,1997.      

3. Multi-Phase Flows

Current Work in Progress

“CFD Simulation if Invessel Steam Explosion”


Selected Publications

  1.  "Fundamentals of Boiling and Multi-Phase Flow Under Extreme Conditions," with T. G. Theofanous Proceedings of the 11th IHTC, Vol.1, pp. 131-147, 1997.
  2. "On the Constitutive Description of the Microinteractions Concept in Steam Explosions'' with X. Chen and T.G. Theofanous, Nuclear Eng. & Design, Vol. 177, pp.303-319, 1997.
  3. "The Mixing of Particle Clouds Plunging  Into Water'' with S. Angelini and T.G. Theofanous
     Nuclear Eng. & Design, Vol. 177, pp.285-301, 1997.
  4. "Quantitative Radiography for Transient Multidimensional Multiphase Flows’, with T. G. Theofanous, S. Angelini, X. Chen, R. Luo. Nuclear Eng. & Design, Vol. 184, pp.163-181, 1998.
  5. "The Internal Dynamic Structures of a Class of Transient Dispersed Flows with Phase Change," with T. G. Theofanous, Proceeding of the Third International Conference of Multiphase Flow, June 8-12, 1998, Lyon, France.  
  6. "An Experimental Study and Numerical Simulation of Two-Phase Flow of Cryogenic Fluids Through Micro-Channel Heat Exchanger," with I. C. Hsu.  Proceeding of thee 10th International Cryocooler Conference (CRYOCOOLER 10), pp. 497-504, May 26-28, 1998, Monterey, California.
  7. "On the Existence of Multiphase Thermal Detonation," with T. G. Theofanous, International Journal of Multiphase Flow, Vol. 25, pp. 1505-1519, 1999.
  8. "Lower Heat Integrity Under Steam Explosiion" with T.G. Theofanous, S. Angelini Nuclear Engineering & Design, Vol. 189, pp. 7-57, 1999.
  9. "The Verification Basis of the PM-ALPHA Code'' with T.G. Theofanous, S. Angelini, Nuclear Engineering & Design, Vol. 189, pp. 59-102, 1999.
  10. "The Verification Basis of the ESPROSE.m Code," with T.G. Theofanous, K. Freeman and X. Chen, Nuclear Engineering & Design, Vol. 189, pp. 103-138, 1999.
  11. "On the Regime of Premixing" with T.G. Theofanous, S. Angelini Nuclear Engineering & Design, Vol. 189, pp. 139-161, 1999.
  12. "Experimental Simulation of Microinteractions in Large Scale Explosion" with X. Chen, R. Luo and T.G. Theofanous. Nuclear Engineering & Design, Vol. 189, pp. 163-178, 1999.