MEMS Technologies for Type I Diabetes

In the summer of 2015, Prof. Pennathur's world fundamentally changed when her 4-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Type I diabetes. The basic activities, simple pleasures, and personal liberties that once punctuated her life instantly metamorphosed into a structured regimen of continuous planning, tinged with a very real threat of mortality.   As her daughter adjusted and resigned herself to the constant stings and pricking of her finger tips in order to measure her blood glucose levels, she realized that the foci of her research over the past 10 years uncannily relate to the technologies necessary to help develop MEMS-based solutions for treating and diagnosis of Type I diabetes. This realization has now fueled a passion to unite all her research elements in an innovative, engineered system to not only help her daughter, but to improve general human health monitoring.


Project 1: Fundamental assessment of a MEMS‐based pump for intraperitoneal

delivery of concentrated insulin


Project 2: Development of a Painless, Wireless MEMS-based Continual Glucose Monitor


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