Spectroscopy Resources



Moth eye-inspired anti-reflective surfaces for improved IR optical systems and visible LEDs
L.C. Chan, D.E. Morse, and M.J. Gordon

Nanoscale optical microscopy and spectroscopy using near-field probes
R. Hermann and M.J. Gordon

Lattice Hamiltonians "in reverse": Making low-temperature predictions using high-temperature measurements
L. Decolvenaere, M.J. Gordon, and A. Van der Ven

First-principles investigation of competing magnetic interactions in Heusler (Mn,Fe)Ru2Sn solid solutions
E. Decolvenaere, M.J. Gordon, R. Seshadri, and A. Van der Ven
Phys. Rev. B 96, 165109 (2017).

Biomimetic nanostructures in ZnS and ZnSe provide broadband anti-reflectivity
L. Chan, E.A. DeCuir, R. Fu, D.E. Morse, and M.J. Gordon
J. of Optics 19, 114007 (2017).

Oxygen evolution on F-doped NiO electrocatalysts deposited via microplasma
A.C. Pebley, E. Decolvenaere, T.M. Pollock, and M.J. Gordon
Nanoscale 9, 15070-15082 (2017).

Catalytic molten metals for the direct conversion of methane to hydrogen and separable carbon
D.C. Upham, Z.R. Snodgrass, A. Khechfe, V. Agarwal, M.J. Gordon, H. Metiu, and E.W. McFarland
Science 358, 917 (2017).

Enhanced light extraction from free-standing InGaN/GaN light emitters using bio-inspired backside surface structuring
C.D. Pynn, L. Chan, F. Lora Gonzalez, A. Berry, D. Hwang, H. Wu, T. Margalith, D. Morse, S.P. Denbaars, and M.J. Gordon
Optics Express 25, 15778 (2017).

A comparative study of the reduction of silver and gold salts in water by a cathodic microplasma electrode
C. De Vos, J. Baneton, M. Witzke, J. Dille, S. Godet, M.J. Gordon, R.M. Sankaran, and F. Reniers
J. Phys. D: Applied Physics 50, 105206 (2017).

Fabrication and optical behavior of graded-index, moth-eye anti-reflective surfaces in CdTe
L. Chan, A. Goshal, E.A. DeCuir, Y.P. Chen, D.E Morse, and M.J. Gordon
J. Vac. Sci. Tech. B 35, 011201 (2017).

Fig. 6 Molten salt chemical looping for reactive separation of HBr in a halogen-based natural gas conversion process
D.C. Upham, Z.R. Snodgrass, M.T. Zavareh, T.B. McConnaughy, M.J. Gordon, H. Metiu, and E. McFarland
Chem. Eng. Sci. 106C, 245 (2017).


Microplasmas for direct, substrate-independent deposition of nanostructured metal oxides
 K.E. Mackie, A.C. Pebley, M. Batala, J. Zhang, G. Stucky, and M.J. Gordon
 Appl. Phys. Lett. 109, 033110 (2016).