Details of the service

This service is no longer available.

The service provided is largely self-service. You get a Drupal content management system website that allows you to manage your content. You manage much of the set-up including choosing themes and colors and adding your own branding header imagery. You manage the main menu and even the URLs for your pages. We at ECI keep the Drupal code updated and manage the hosting. The service is free for entities of the college (labs, research groups, centers).

Minimal additional customizations can be provided. The development time can take as long as you need, so there is no rush on your part.

An example is available to look at here.

Additionally, ECI will host and support a cleanly handed-off Drupal website developed by another organization on campus. The conditions are that your group is an entity of the College of Engineering and that ECI will retain sole administrative access to the code and the Drupal user/1 administrator account. (In other words, that the handed-off site is completed.) You still manage the content.

Contact to get started.

Published on  July 7th, 2016