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LinkMeasuring cell-generated mechanical forces within living embryonic tissues. O. Campàs, T. Mammoto, S. Hasso, R.A. Sperling, D. O'Connell, A.G. Bischof, R. Maas, D.A. Weitz, L. Mahadevan and D.E. Ingber. Nature Methods, in press (2013).

downloadClosely related bird species demonstrate flexibility between beak morphology and underlying developmental programs. R. Mallarino, O. Campàs, J.A. Fritz, K.J. Burns, O.G. Weeks, M.P. Brenner and A. Abzhanov. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA 109, 16222-7 (2012).

downloadStrategies for cell shape control in tip-growing cells. O. Campàs, E. Rojas, J. Dumais and L. Mahadevan. American J. of Botany 99, 1577-82 (2012).

downloadActin network growth under load. O. Campàs, L. Mahadevan and J-.F. Joanny. Biophys. J. 102, 1049-58 (2012).

download pdf Scaling and shear transformations capture beak shape variation in Darwin’s finches. O. Campàs, R. Mallarino, A. Herrel, A. Abzhanov and M.P. Brenner. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA 107, 3356-60 (2010).
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Science magazine

download pdf Shape and dynamics of tip-growing cells. O. Campàs and L. Mahadevan. Current Biology 19, 2102-07 (2009).
download SI

download pdf Mechanism of membrane nanotube formation by molecular motors. C. Leduc, O. Campàs, J.-F. Joanny, J. Prost and P. Bassereau. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Biomembranes 1798, 1418-26 (2010).

download pdf Collective oscillations of processive molecular motors. O. Campàs, C. Leduc, P. Bassereau, J.-F. Joanny and J. Prost. Biophysical Reviews and Letters 4, 163-178 (2009).

download pdf Dynamic kinesin-1 clustering on microtubules due to mutual attractive interactions. W. Roos*, O. Campàs*, F. Montel, G. Wöhlke, J.P. Spatz, P. Bassereau and G. Cappello. Physical Biology 5, 046004 (2008).
* Equal contribution.

download pdf Coordination of kinesin motors pulling on fluid membranes. O. Campàs, C. Leduc, P. Bassereau, J. Casademunt, J.-F. Joanny and J. Prost. Biophys. J. 94, 5009-5017 (2008).

download pdf Dynamic stability of spindles controlled by molecular motor kinetics. O. Campàs, J. Casademunt and I. Pagonabarraga. Europhys. Lett. 81, 58003 (2008).

download pdf VASP governs actin dynamics by modulating filament anchoring. L. Trichet, O. Campàs, C. Sykes and J. Plastino. Biophys. J. 92, 1081-1089 (2007).

download pdf Chromosome oscillations in mitosis. O. Campàs and P. Sens. Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 128102 (2006).

download pdf Collective dynamics of interacting molecular motors. O. Campàs, Y. Kafri, K.B. Zeldovitch, J. Casademunt and J.-F. Joanny. Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 038101 (2006).

download pdf Quantifying the polar wind. (Highlight article). G. Koster and O. Campàs. Molecular BioSystems 1(5-6), 351 - 353 (2005).

download pdf Cooperative extraction of membrane nanotubes by molecular motors. C. Leduc*, O. Campàs*, K.B. Zeldovich, A. Roux, P. Jolimaitre, L. Bourel-Bonnet, B. Goud, J.-F. Joanny, P. Bassereau and J. Prost. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA 101, 17096-101 (2004).
* Equal contribution.

download pdf Soft Listeria: actin-based motility of liquid drops. H. Boukellal, O. Campàs, J.-F. Joanny, J. Prost and C. Sykes. Phys. Rev. E 69, 061906 (2004).

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htmlActin-based motility of droplets.
O. Campàs, J.-F. Joanny and J. Prost. Proceedings of the International School of Physics Enrico Fermi: The Physics of Complex Systems (New advances and perspectives) 155 (2004).
ISBN: 1-58603-445-6

download pdf From molecular force generation to large scale cellular movements
. O. Campàs, Ph.D. thesis (2006).
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download pdf linkScience, gastronomy and art. O. Campàs. El Periódico (Spanish press), December 11th 2008, page 74.