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Baron Peters, Associate Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering and
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

B.S. Chemical Engineering
   University of Missouri - Columbia (1999)
B.S. Mathematics
   Univeristy of Missouri - Columbia (1999)
PhD Chemical Engineering
   Univeristy of California - Berkeley (2004)

Research interests: catalysis, nucleation, and electron transfer; statistical mechanics and electronic structure theory. In particular, we study nucleation from solution and polymorph selection, catalysis on amorphous supports, and gated electron transfer mechanisms. I coadvise students with Mike Doherty (ChE), Susannah Scott (ChE and Chem), and Joan-Emma Shea (Chem).


Mark Joswiak, Graduate Student
Department of Chemical Engineering
Co-advised by Michael F. Doherty

B.S. Chemical Engineering
   University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (2012)

Research Interests: nucleation and crystal growth.


Geoffrey Poon, Graduate Student
Department of Chemical Engineering

B.S. Chemical Engineering
   University of California, Berkeley (2012)


Kartik Kamat, Graduate Student
Department of Chemical Engineering

B.S. Chemical Engineering
   Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai (2015)

Research Interests: Polymorphism; solvent effects in kinetics


Xijun Wang
Visitor from Prof. Jiang JUN’s group in USTC Hefei, China

Research Interests: photocatalysis; catalysis on amorphous supports

Undergraduates & Interns


Zhen Han (UCSB ChE 2016)

Max Flattery (UCSB ChE 2016)

*Linmin Wang (UCSB ChE 2016, now at Univ. Minnesota)

*James Deacon (High School Intern, Class of 2015, now at CalTech)

*Stefan Seritan (UCSB Chemistry 2015, now at Stanford)

*Ryan Do (UCSB ChE 2015)

*Ye "Chris" Yuan (UCSB ChE 2015, now at UCSB Materials)

*Mayada Al Hashem (UCSB ChE 2015)

*Evan Sanderson (UCSB Chemistry 2013, now at UCSF)

*Daniel Ahumada (UCSB ChE 2013)

*Nathan Eidelson (High School Intern, Class of 2012, now at Stanford)

*Daniel Bean (UCSB Comp. Sci 2012, now at Fleet Admiral)

* = former member

PhD and Postdoctoral Alumni


Bryan R. Goldsmith (PhD 2015)
Schlinger Fellow
Humboldt Fellow
Currently a post-doc w/ Matthias Scheffler at Fritz-Haber Institute


Nils Zimmermann (Post Doc 2013-2015)
Currently a Research Specialist at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab


Anthony Fong (PhD 2014)


Ryan G. Mullen (PhD 2014)
NSF Fellow
Currently a Postdoc with Edward Maginn at Notre Dame


Vishal Agarwal (Post Doc 2012-2013)
Currently a post-doc w/ Horia Metiu at UCSB


Nathan Duff (PhD 2013)
Currently a post-doc w/ Erik Santiso at NCSU


Brandon Knott (PhD 2012)
Schlinger Fellow
Currently at National Renewable Energy Laboratory