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The SusChEM Workshop, January 17-19, 2012

Identifying fundamental research needs to increase the sustainability of chemical and materials processing

Hilton Arlington
Arlington, Virginia

Sponsored by the National Science Foundation

The goals of the SusChEM (Sustainable Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials) workshop are to explore multi-disciplinary synergies in research and education, and to encourage a consilient view of sustainability, from the atomic/molecular scale to the systems level, and including non-technical considerations . Outcomes are expected to include strategies to reduce or eliminate the use of rare elements and other scarce materials, reduce the use of freshwater and energy in processing and manufacturing, design benign replacements and increase the feasibility of recovery/recycling.

A report on the Workshop will be publicly available here, in approximately June, 2012. Please check back later!

Co-Chairs of the SusChEM workshop

Susannah Scott

Professor of Chemical Engineering,
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of California Santa Barbara
Scott Laboratory - UCSB

James McGuffin-Cawley

Arthur S. Holden Professor of Engineering,
Chair Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Case Western Reserve University

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