Mission Statement

The college aims to prepare students to become creative technological leaders and to ensure that all students, faculty, and staff have equal opportunities to succeed.

The mission of the College of Engineering is to produce world-leading research and technological advances, to prepare students as creative technological leaders, and to ensure that all students, faculty, and staff have equal opportunities to succeed.

We pursue this mission by:

  • Serving as the academic home to internationally renowned scientists and engineers who are pushing the frontiers of their disciplines and closely collaborating with colleagues from other disciplines to advance fundamental science and develop engineering solutions that address the grand challenges of our time.
  • Providing students with a firm grounding in scientific and mathematical fundamentals; involving them in cutting-edge engineering research, technology, and practice; affording them experience in analyzing, synthesizing, and designing engineering systems; and supporting them to develop their capacity for critical and creative thinking while infusing the entire academic experience with a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Working to ensure that people of all backgrounds, identities, and differences are honored and respected; recognizing that we are better engineers and scientists when innovation is informed by ideas reflecting diverse experiences and perspectives; and working to ensure that all constituents are supported to reach their full potential and that engineering solutions are motivated by the needs of all people.
  • Developing strong and enduring industrial partnerships, creating new products and startup companies, and licensing new technologies that improve life and contribute to local and national economies.