Time Capsule

Time Capsule

Celebrate half a century of history, innovation, and forward-thinking with us this year as we commemorate our 50th Anniversary with the burial of our first ever UCSB College of Engineering Time Capsule.

From the creation of the Internet, LEDs, photonics, and more, we are a community that has made tangible contributions to the evolution of modern-day science and technology. The Time Capsule is meant to capture a moment in our history – as we continue to make history. 

The Time Capsule is going to be designed and created by our very own Andy Weinberg in the COE Machine shop. We are planning to recover it in the year 2041, our 75th Anniversay.

Make Your Mark: Contribute to the Time Capsule

We are asking students, staff, and faculty of the College of Engineering to participate in this milestone event by suggesting items to include in the Time Capsule. Often times, things that are buried offer a glimpse into our daily lives or reflect predictions of life in the future. This is your opportunity to facilitate how your class, lab, or office will be remembered fifty years from now.


  • Class photos
  • Department branded merchandise (i.e. tshirts, sweaters)
  • Textbook and research publications
  • Department newsletters
  • Notable items from research (i.e. Herb Kroemer’s Heterostructure Bipolar Transistor)
  • Daily use items that make your department or class unique (skateboards, parts of surfboards that are signed by students and faculty, etc.)
  • Letters predicting the future or making observations about the present

Please submit your suggestions for inclusion in the Time Capsule to Michelle Mak in the College's marketing office at mmak@engineering.ucsb.edu, and you may contact Michelle with your questions about this project.