SathyaDr. Sathya Chary graduated in 2013 and was working on the gecko project.




LukeLuke Shaw worked at the Turner lab as an undergraduate until 2013 and is now pursuing a doctoral degree at UCLA.




JessicaJessica Lee worked at the lab in 2013 during her last year as an undergraduate. She worked on the gecko project and is currently traveling the world.




KariDr. Kari Moran graduated in 2012 and helped to develop a biosensor that exploits parametric resonance. She currently works in the Washington, D.C. area.




ChrisDr. Chris Burgner explored bifurcation phenomena in nonlinear resonators. He graduated in 2012 and currently works at Praevium Research.




ZiDr. Zi Yie worked with nonlinear resonators and graduated in 2012.





BarryBarry Demartini graduated in 2008 and is currently working at Agilent Technologies.





BenediktBenedikt Zeyen graduated in 2008 and is currently working at A.M. Fitzgerald and Associates, LLC.





LauraLaura Oropeza graduated in 2007 and works at National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).





WeibinDr. Weibin Zhang graduated in 2006 and works at Kodak Research Lab.


AbhishekDr. Abhishek Srivastava graduated in 2006 and works at Chevron Research Labs.


NorthDr. Michael Northen graduated in 2006 and worked on the TV series Prototype This!


RequaDr. Michael Requa graduated in 2006 and now works in Dr. Cleland’s group at UCSB.


WenHuaDr. Wenhua Zhang graduated in 2004 and now works at Hewlett-Packard Research Labs.


CraigCraig Orloyd graduated in 2004 and now works for Poly 5 Group LLC.


GartenMatthew Garten graduated in 2004 and now works for Innovative Micro Technology.


RajiDr. Raji Baskaran graduated in 2003 and works for Intel.


ShijianShi Jian graduated in 2003 and works for Digital Instruments/Veeco.


KevinNessKevin Ness graduated in 2000 and works at the Lawrence Livermore National Labs.