About Brian Scott Ferguson

Scott joined the Soh Lab in 2005 and is currently a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He received his B.Eng, summa cum laude, from McMaster University in Engineering Physics where he worked in the Mascher Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy Lab and Thompson Molecular Beam Epitaxy Lab. While in the Soh Lab, Scott's work has focused on two areas: 1) integrated microfluidic electrochemical platforms for pathogen detection and point-of-care diagnostics; and 2) microfluidic magnetophoresis for the enrichment of circulating tumor cells and isolation of rare stem cells. In addition to his research efforts, Scott is currently working towards the California Certificate in Undergraduate Teaching. Scott is the recipient of the Department of Mechanical Engineering Best Teaching Assistant (2009) and College of Engineering Outstanding Teaching Assistant (2008) awards, and has held fellowship from the National Science Foundation Center for Nanotechnolgy in Society (2007-2008), and Center for Nano-scale Innovation for Defense (CNID).


Research Interests
Integrated biosensors and microfluidics
High speed cell sorting and bio-separations

2007 Ph.D. Candidate Mechanical Engineering University of California, Santa Barbara, CA
2005 B.Eng. Engineering Physics McMaster University, Hamilton, ON

2005 - Present Research Associate Soh Lab, University of California at Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA
2004 Research Assistant Thompson Lab, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON
2003 Research Assistant Mascher Lab, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON
2001-2002 Research and Development Knudsen Engineering Ltd., Perth, ON

Teaching Experience
2010 Co-instructor ME 6, Basic Electrical and Electronic Circuits
2008-2009 Mentor Undergraduate Researcher
2009 Co-instructor ME 291A, Physics of Transducers
2006-2007 Teaching Assistant ME 6, Basic Electrical and Electronic Circuits
2006 Teaching Assistant ME 12S, Introduction to Machine Shop
2005 Teaching Assistant ME 104, Sensors, Actuators and Computer Interfacing
2001-2005 Teaching Assistant ENG 1C04, Engineering Design and Graphics

Fellowships, Awards and Honors
2009 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Best Teaching Assistant Award
2008 College of Engineering, Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award
2007-2008 National Science Foundation, Center for Nanotechnology in Society (CNS) Fellowship
2007 Institute for Humane Studies, Seminar Award
2006 Center for Nano-scale Innovation for Defense (CNID) Fellowship
2005 UCSB Department of Mechanical Engineering, Merit Fellowship
2002-2005 JDS Uniphase Fellowship in Optics and Photonics
2003-2004 National Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Research Fellowship
2003 Herbert A. Ricker Fellowship
2002 McMaster University, Senate Award
2001 Nortel Networks Fellowship
2001 Class Valedictorian

Professional Services and Activities
Educational Outreach: Family Ultimate Science Exploration (FUSE), Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network (NISE-net) NanoDays, Center for Science and Engineering Partnerships (CSEP)
Web Designer: Soh Lab Research Group, ME 6 Course Website
Technical Advisor: Life Cube Inc.
Invited Speaker: UCSB Board of Trustees, Los Ingenieros

Publications, Conference Proceedings, and Patents
B.S. Ferguson, S. Buchsbaum, J. Swensen, K. Hsieh, X.H. Lou, and H.T. Soh, "Integrated Microfluidic Electrochemical DNA Sensor," Analytical Chemistry Vol. (81) 6503-6508 (2009)
J. Swensen, Y. Xiao, B.S. Ferguson, A. Lubin, R. Lai, A.J Heeger, K.W. Plaxco, and H.T. Soh, "Continuous, Real-Time Monitoring of Cocaine in Undiluted Blood Serum via a Microfluidic Electrochemical, Aptamer-Based Sensor," Journal of the American Chemical Society (131) 4262-4266 (2009)
E. Pavlovic, R.Y. Lai, T-T Wu, B.S. Ferguson, R. Sun, K.W. Plaxco, and H.T. Soh, "Microfluidic Device Architecture for Electrochemical Patterning and Detection of Multiple DNA Sequences," Langmuir, (24) 1102-1107 (2008)
K. Hsieh, B.S. Ferguson, H.T. Soh. "Continuous monitoring of rare waterborne bacteria via Dielectrophoresis Enhanced Polymerase Chain Reaction (DEPCR) device," Proceedings of MicroTAS Conference, (2008)
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E. Pavlovic, R.Y. Lai, B.S. Ferguson, T.-T. Wu, R. Sun, A.J. Heeger, K.W. Plaxco, H.T. Soh. "Rapid Sequence Specific, Reusable Electronic DNA Sensor in Microfluidic Devices," Proceedings of MicroTAS Conference, (2007)
D. Nawarathna, P. Kumaresan, Y. Zhang, B.S. Ferguson, S-H Oh, K.S. Lam, H.T. Soh. "Continuous Magnetophoretic Enrichment of Rare Tumor Cells. Proceedings of MicroTAS Conference," (2007)
Integrated Fluidics Devices with Magnetic Sorting, WIPO Publication Number: WO/2008/147530
Microfluidic Magnetophoretic Device and Methods for Using the Same. WIPO Publication Number: WO/2008/048616

Brian Scott Ferguson, Steven Smith, Mary Dinh, Basic Electrical and Electronic Circuits, Laboratory Manual, 2010
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