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Allen Gersho

Professor Emeritus

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Allen Gersho





Professor Allen Gersho joined UCSB in 1980 after 17 years at AT&T Bell Laboratories. While his general areas of interest are signal processing and communications, most of his research at UCSB was in compression of speech, audio, and video. He co-authored the book Vector Quantization and Signal Compression (1992), which has become a standard text and reference on the subject. His work has increasingly focused on discovery and development of innovative algorithms for advancing the state-of-the-art in compressing audio and visual signals. Several of the techniques and algorithms originating from his research group have become widely adopted in international telecommunications standards. Dr. Gersho is no longer supervising research at UCSB. He currently serves as an expert witness in patent litigation. Professor Gersho has been a Fellow of the IEEE since 1982. He received the Guillemin-Cauer Prize Paper Award in 1979, the IEEE Video Technology Best Paper Award in 1992, the IEEE Centennial Medal in 1984, the IEEE Donald McClellan Meritorious Service Award in 1983, and the NASA Tech Brief Awards for Technical Innovation in 1988 and 1992. He received the 2003 Society Award from the IEEE Signal Processing Society. and in 2007 he was presented the IEEE James L. Flanagan Speech and Audio Processing Award with the citation "For contributions to the theory and application of speech coding."