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Samir Mitragotri

Associate Professor

Chemical Engineering
Biomolecular Science and Engineering

Samir Mitragotri


Department of Chemical Engineering
UC Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106

tel: (805) 893-7532

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Research Description

Our primary research objective is to develop novel methods of drug delivery in order to provide patient-friendly and easy-to-use means of disease management. Development of novel drug delivery methods is contingent upon our ability to control the transport of desired bio-molecules in the tissues against the naturally exerted forces by tissues arising form steric, chemical, and physical interactions of bio-molecules with the tissues. By developing a fundamental understanding of such transport processes, we seek to develop novel strategies involving the use of external forces (ultrasound, chemicals, and high velocity jets) as well as newly fabricated biomaterials with advanced structure-function characteristics for applications in drug delivery.

Research Groups


  • Editorial Board, European Journal of Pharmaceutical Science 2002
  • Editorial Board, European Journal of Pharmaceutical Science 2003
  • Editorial Board, Journal of Controlled Release 2003
  • Editorial Board, Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2003


  • Allan P. Colburn Award, 2005
  • CRS-Capsugel Innovative Aspects of Oral Delivery Award, 2004
  • CRS-Outstanding Pharmaceutical Research Award, 2004
  • Diabetes Technology Peterson Student Award, 2004
  • Hendrick C. van Ness Award Lecturer, 2004
  • Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research, 2003
  • Global Indus Technovator Award, 2003
  • 3M Young faculty award, 2001
  • Culpepper Biomedical Pilot Initiative award, 2001
  • Junior Faculty Research Incentive Award, UCSB, 2001
  • Outstanding Faculty Award, UCSB, 2001
  • CRS-Dow Corning Outstanding Research Award, 2000
  • International Research Promotion Council Young Scientist Award, 2000
  • Technology Review Young Innovator Award, 1999
  • Harvard Health Letter Outstanding Research Award, 1996
  • Ebert Prize by the American Pharmaceutical Association, 1995
  • G.P Kane medal and award in Chemical Engineering, 1992

Selected Publications

  • Current Status and Future Prospects of Needle-free Liquid Injections, Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, In Press, 2006, S. Mitragotri
  • Evaluation of chemical enhancers in the transdermal delivery of lidocaine, Int J Pharm, 3, 2006, 33-39, P.J. Lee, N. Ahmad , R. Langer, S. Mitragotri, Shastri Prasad
  • Low-Frequency Sonophoresis: Ultrastructural Basis for Stratum Corneum Permeability Assessed Using Quantum Dots, J. Invest. Dermatol, In Press, 2006, S. Paliwal, G.K. Menon, S. Mitragotri, web link
  • Relationships between Skin’s Electrical Impedance and Permeability in the Presence of Chemical Enhancers, J Control Release, 110, 2006, 307-313, P. Karande, A. Jain, S. Mitragotri,
  • Role of Target Geometry in Phagocytosis, PNAS, 103, 2006, 4930-4934, J. Champion, S. Mitragotri
  • Spatial Patterns of Intracellular Organelles, Biophys J., In Press, 2006, A-T Dinh, C. Pangarkar, T. Theofanous, S. Mitragotri
  • A Model for Intracellular Trafficking of Adenoviral Vectors, Biophys. J., 89, 2005, 1574-1588, A-T Dinh, T. Theofanous, S. Mitragotri
  • Dynamics and Spatial Distribution of Endosomes in Mammalian Cells, Phys. Rev. Lett., 95, 2005, C. Pangarkar, A-T Dinh, S. Mitragotri
  • Immunization without Needles, Nature Reviews Immunology, 5, 2005, 905-916, S. Mitragotri
  • Jet-Induced Skin Puncture and its Impact on Needle-free Jet Injections: Experimental Studies and a Predictive Model, J. Control. Rel., 106, 2005, 361-373, J. Baxter, S. Mitragotri