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Pierre Petroff

Research Professor & Professor Emeritus

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Pierre Petroff


Materials Department
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106

tel: (805) 893-8256
fax: (805) 893-8502

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Photonic crystal membrane

Photonic crystal membrane

Dynamic mode tuning is achieved by electrostatically moving the phtononic crystal membrane

Research Description

In the last 10 years Professor Petroff and his group have contributed pioneering work on the growth of self assembling and self ordering of quantum wires and quantum dots in compounds semiconductors. Through photoluminescence, magneto transport and infrared spectroscopy studies,the group has shown the “atom like” character of the quantum dots energy spectrum for both electrons and holes. Recently his group has focused on the electronic structure of coupled quantum dots and on the coupling of quantum dots to microcavities and photonic crystals. The group has been working on several applications of quantum dots to devices eg: ultra low threshold QDs photonic crystal lasers and ultra bright single photons sources.

Research Groups

  • Self assembled quanum structures and devices.


PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: 1986–Present Professor, Materials Department and Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. 1971–1986 Member of Technical Staff, Principal Investigator AT&T Bell Laboratories. 1969–1971 Postdoctoral research fellow. Materials Science Depart. Cornell Univ. 1963-1967 PhD Materials Department . University of California Berkeley Awards and Honors:1963 Fullbright Grant;1980 Member of the American Physical Society; 1986 Distinguished Technical Staff Award for AT&T Bell Laboratories;1989 Fellow of the American Physical Society; 1993 Humboldt Research Award; 1996 Lady Davies Senior Research Fellowship Award; 2004: Fellow of the Institute of Physics; 2005: ISCS Quantum devices award.


  • IQUEST : Institute for quantum science and technology
  • CNSI


  • ISCS Quantum devices award., 2005
  • Lady Davis research award, 1996
  • Humboldt Senior Research Award., 1993
  • Fellow of the American Physical Society., 1989
  • Distinguished Technical Staff Award for AT&T Bell Laboratories, 1986
  • Member of the American Physical Society, 1980
  • Fullbright Grant, 1963

Selected Publications

  • 5. “Photonic Crystal-Assisted Light Extraction from a Colloidal Quantum Dot/GaN Hybrid, Nano letters, 6, 2006, 1116, 5. Frédéric S. Diana, Aurélien David, Ines Meinel, Rajat Sharma, Claude Weisbuch, Shuji Nakamura, and Pierre M. Petroff
  • Self tuned quantum dot gain in photonic crystal lasers”., Physical Review Letters, 96, 2006, 127404, S.Strauf, K.Hennessy, M.T. Rahkher, Y.S.Choi A. Badolato, L.C.Andreani, E.Hu, P.M.Petroff, D.Bouwmeester.
  • Photon statistics from coupled quantum dots,, Physical review letters, 95, 2005, 137403, 1. B. D. Gerardot, S. Strauf, M. J. A. de Dood, A. Bychkov, A. Badolato, K. Hennessey, E. L. Hu, D. Bouwmeester and P. M. Petroff
  • “Deterministic coupling of single quantum dots to single nano-cavity modes”,, Science, 308, 2005, 1158, A. Badolato, K. Hennessy, M.Atature, J. Dreiser, E. Hu, P. M. Petroff, A. Imamoglu,
  • Epitaxial self Assembled Quantum Dots, Physics Today, 46, 2001, P.M.Petroff, A/Lorke, A.Imamoglu
  • Strain engineered self-assembled semiconductor quantum dot lattices, Applied Physics Letters, 78(1), 2001, 105, H. Lee, J.A. Johnson, M.Y. He, J.S. Speck, P.M. Petroff
  • Exciton strorage in Semiconductor Self-Assembled Quantum Dots, Science, 286, 1999, 2312-2314, ∑ T. Lundstrom, W. Schoenfeld, H. Lee, P.M. Petroff
  • Single electron charging and Coulomb interactions in InAs self assembled quantum dot arrays, Phys. Rev. B, 55(3), 1997, 1568, G.Medeiros-Ribeiro, F.G.Pikus, P.M.Petroff, A.L.Efros
  • "Direct formation of quantum sized dots from uniform coherent islands of InGaAs in GaAs"., Applied Physics Letters, 63, 1993, 3203, D. Leonard, M. Krishnamurthy, C.M. Reaves, S.P. DenBaars, and P.M.Petroff,