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Tobias Hollerer

Assistant Professor

Computer Science
Media Arts and Technology

Tobias Hollerer


Department of Computer Science
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-5110

tel: (805) 893 8759
fax: (805) 893-8553

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Research Description

My research interests lie in the area of novel user interfaces, sometimes dubbed Post-WIMP (the Windows-Icons-Menus-Pointing paradigm of conventional desktop graphical user interfaces). Within this area, my interests span several fields of human-computer interaction and experimental systems: augmented reality, virtual reality and other 3D user interfaces; wearable and ubiquitous computing and multimedia information systems; and computer graphics and visualization.

Research Groups


Tobias Höllerer joined the Department of Computer Science at UCSB as Assistant Professor in 2002. He co-directs the Four Eyes Laboratory, conducting research in the four “I”s of Imaging, Interaction, and Innovative Interfaces. Höllerer has an MS and PhD, both in computer science, from Columbia University, and a graduate degree in informatics from the Technical University of Berlin, Germany. His research interests include 3D graphics and interaction, visualization, mixed and augmented reality, and adaptive user interfaces.


  • Media Arts and Technology Graduate Program

Selected Publications

  • A Novel Walk-through 3D Display, SPIE Electronic Imaging, Stereoscopic Displays and Applications XVII, 2006, S. DiVerdi, I. Rakkolainen, T. Höllerer, A. Olwal
  • Managing Visual Constraints in 3D User Interfaces, Multimodal Intelligent Information Presentation, 2005, 255–277, Bell, B., Feiner, S., and Höllerer, T
  • Pictorial Depth Cues for Outdoor Augmented Reality, Proc. ISWC ’05 (Ninth IEEE Int’l Symp. on Wearable Computers), 2005, 92–99, J. Wither and T. Höllerer
  • POLAR: Portable, Optical See-Through, Low-Cost Augmented Reality, Proc. VRST 2005 (ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality and Software Technology), 2005, A. Olwal and T. Höllerer
  • Real-Time Rendering of Realistic Trees in Mixed Reality, Proc. ISMAR 2005 (IEEE/ACM Int’l Symp. on Mixed and Augmented Reality), 2005, 204–205, A. Candussi, T. Höllerer, and N. Candussi
  • Rendering Realistic Trees and Forests in Real Time, Proc. Eurographics 2005, 2005, A. Candussi, N. Candussi, and T. Höllerer
  • Evaluating system capabilities and user performance in the battlefield augmented reality system, Proc. NIST/DARPA Workshop on Performance Metrics for Intelligent Systems, 2004, M. A. Livingston, J. E. Swan II, S. J. Julier, Y. Baillot, D. Brown, L. J. Rosenblum, J. L. Gabbard, T. H. Höllerer, and D. Hix, web link
  • Evaluating techniques for interaction at a distance, Proc. ISWC '04 (Eighth IEEE Int. Symp. on Wearable Computers), 2004, J. Wither and T. Höllerer, web link
  • Interactive tools for virtual x-ray vision in mobile augmented reality, Proc. ISMAR 2004 (IEEE/ACM Int. Symp. on Mixed and Augmented Reality), 2004, R. Bane and T. Höllerer, web link
  • Level of detail interfaces, Proc. ISMAR 2004 (IEEE/ACM Int. Symp. on Mixed and Augmented Reality), 2004, S. DiVerdi, T. Höllerer, and R. Schreyer, web link