UCSB Engineering


Res ipsa loquitur.
Let the facts speak for themselves.

Here are just a few highlights.

Current Majors:

Chemical Engineering (BS, MS, PhD)
Computer Science (BS, BA, MS, PhD)
Computer Engineering (BS)
Electrical Engineering (BS)
Electrical & Computer Engineering (MS, PhD)
Materials (MS, PhD)
Mechanical Engineering (BS, MS, PhD)


Professors 113
Associate Professors 16
Assistant Professors 16
Joint Appointments 47.5%

Faculty Distinctions:

National Academy of Engineering 18
National Academy of Sciences 5
Nobel Prize 2
Fellow, Royal Society of London 2
Millennium Award 1

Degrees Granted Annually (2010-2011):

BS/BA 223
MS 90
PhD 77

Undergraduate Enrollment:

Fall 2011 1,345

Graduate Enrollment:

Fall 2011 753

Interdisciplinary Research Centers & Institutes:



Harold Frank Hall 60,000 square feet
Engineering II 84,000 square feet
Materials Research Lab 21,000 square feet
Engineering Science Building 55,000 square feet
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